Our lab contributes to university education in veterinary medicine and veterinary sciences. We are also contributing to specific courses in private companies involved in vaccine production.

Veterinary medicine

Fundamental immunology and immunopathology

35 h of lectures to third year students in Veterinary Medicine. The goal of the course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the immune system to future veterinarians. The course also describes the mechanisms of immunopathologies and their clinical consequences. Tumors of the immune system and the basis of allergology are also described.


15 h of lectures to fifth year students in Veterinary Medicine. This course describes the different families of vaccines insisting on their characteristics, their mode of action, their advantages and inconvenients.

Veterinary sciences

Flow cytometry, confocal microscopy and in vivo imaging

15 h of lectures and practical courses to PhD students who require the use of these two photometric techniques for the accomplishment of their thesis.

Degree in laboratory animal practise

The lab contributes to the degree required by law to manipulate animals in laboratories. The lab is also part of the organizing comity of this degree.

Advance courses in immunology and vaccinology

The lab is involved in several courses providing updates in immunology and vaccinology. These courses are dedicated to PhD students who want to update or upgrade their knowledge in immunology and vaccinology.

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